Introducing Le Feu’s exceptional ethanol fireplaces, the ellipticity and the soft lines create a minimalist Scandinavian design. Le Feu means fire, in fact fire is our great passion. When you enjoy our fireplaces illuminating your room, you will understand….


Bioethanol is quintessentially spirits produced from biomass to be used as fuel, with the advantage of having a clean combustion.

The spirit is a sugar starch product, which generally comes from one of two different sources: 1st generation bioethanol which is made from “edible” plant parts, and 2nd generation bioethanol coming from plant waste or straw. Through a fermentation process the biomass is then converted into bioethanol.

Environmentally speaking, bioethanol is a great alternative to the most widely used fuel types, as it is CO2 neutral. Furthermore, the production of bioethanol contributes to increased self-sufficient energy.



GROUND WOOD is an elegant tripod fireplace supported by 3 smooth handcrafted wooden legs, which adds a distinctive style to the warmth and ambiance created by the fire. Comes in Wenge and Oak hardwood finish.

Total weight 38.7 lbs (Dome, Burner and Wood legs). Height 43.3″.

Floor security brackets for the legs makes it possible to attach the fireplace to the floor.

GROUND STEEL is keeping with Le Feu bio ethanol fireplaces’ user-friendly approach to assure endless pleasure. It requires no chimney or flue and is easy to install ready for immediate use. Scandinavian inspired designers using precision engineering have created an elegant modern fire in a beautiful black/chrome finish with a stunning form.

Total weight 58.4 lbs (Dome, Burner, Pole and Floor Plate). Dimension 20.5″ x 45.3″.

SKY can enjoy anyone through its appeal, beauty and modern clean lines. A stunning fireplace engineered to hang suspended from a ceiling to bring elegance, warmth and beauty to your home and living areas.

Total weight: 46.7 lbs. (Dome, Burner and Ceiling Mount Plate). Total height from ceiling is optional 68.9″ or 55.1″.

All Le Feu fireplace models are created by combinations of the below high quality components:

Material: 0.09″ cold-rolled steel.
Dimensions: 20.5″ x 13.8″
Weight: 32.2 lbs
Coated with high temperature black powder coating. Enclosure plate for the Burner.

Material:  0.08″ brushed SS304 stainless steel
Dimensions:  7.9″ x 7.9″ x 3.0″
Weight: 10.6 lbs.
Volume:  Max. 0.48 gal of ethanol.
Burning time:  Up to 5 hours.
Energy output: up to 4000 BTU.
Burner plate with engraved Le Feu logo. Top plate controls the fire using the supplied “snuffer” tool.

Ceiling mounting plate and optional knuckle joint adapter
Material: Brushed SS304 stainless steel.
Knuckle joint adapter is for ceiling pitches, and can be adjusted according to the ceiling inclination.

Material: Brushed SS304 stainless steel.
Dimensions: 1.2″ diameter, lengths: 20.3″/31.5″/40.0″/47.8″/55.1″.

Floor plates
Material: Brushed SS304 steel or black powder coated steel.
Dimensions: 17.7″ x 0.2″.)

Hardwood legs
Material: Finish of natural Wenge or Oak hardwood – 3 pcs per set.
Dimensions: 31.1″ x 1.3″-0.8″ (tapered).