Can I use any fuel for my LE FEU fireplace?
No. In order to keep your combustion safe and clean, always use pure ethanol ONLY. Use of any other fuel products in the fireplaces, eg. gasoline, kerosene, paraffine, alcohol, is strictly prohibited.

How do I install LE FEU fireplaces?
LE FEU fireplaces comply with European Standards are very easy to install and ready to use. Each model is complete with installation and set up guides. The LE FEU Fireplaces require no flue or chimney. A comprehensive guide is provided with each fireplace supplied with fixing recommendations.

Are there any harmful emissions from ethanol combustion?
The amount of CO2 produced by the fireplace is small and comparable to the level emitted by a candle. Ethanol fuels produce clean, smokeless warmth without the harmful emissions produced from conventional fossil fuel fires and wood burners. We recommend, if the fireplace is used in small rooms, and the burner is set to maximum adjustment, that the door(s) or a window should be opened to allow for air circulation.